Les Jaco

Leslie Jaco, Managing Principal

 Les Jaco is a professional Investment Advisor Representative who is dedicated to helping his clients meet their nancial goals. He will take the time to understand your individual goals and risk tolerance, helping you design a portfolio that balances potential risk, growth and income. Through clear and frequent communication, he will help keep your portfolio on track toward your specific objectives.

In 1983, Les entered the financial services industry as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch. While at Merrill Lynch, he was twice selected to Merrill Lynch’s Executive Club in recognition of his stellar performance and outstanding customer service. In 1987, he traded in his business suit and ties for golf shirts and cleats and became the owner and president of the Highland Green Golf Club in Jackson, TN. After 18 years as a golf club owner, Les slipped the business suit back on and returned to the financial services industry. He joined Wachovia Securities in Brentwood, TN in 2005 as a financial advisor and portfolio manager.  Wishing to practice his trade closer to home, in 2008 he partnered with Farmers & Merchants Bank and Investment Professionals, Inc to serve clients throughout West Tennessee.  The opportunity to merge his business with industry veteran Dan Shanklin arose in late 2009, and Les made the commitment to a fee only advisory model.  He became the majority shareholder and managing principal of Shanklin Capital Management, now Sycamore Financial Advisors, in early 2010.

In addition to portfolio management, Les specializes in serving the needs of individuals, businesses and institutions in establishing and maintaining effective retirement plans for themselves and their employees. He can help you design a custom plan or offer a prototype and assist you in documenting the plan and outlining investment recommendations. Retirement-plan choices include:

Individual Retirement Accounts and IRA rollovers

Simplified Employee Pensions and Keogh plans

401(k), pension, port-sharing and SIMPLE plans

Les is a graduate of Rhodes College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction. He has also studied history at the graduate school of the University of Virginia and education at the graduate school of the University of Memphis. He has also completed advanced studies in xed-income investing and holds applicable licenses to sell annuities and life insurance.

 While Les is committed to helping his clients achieve their financial goals, he is also committed to his community. He is an active member of the First United Methodist Church of Jackson, TN, and has served as the chairman of several groups within the church, including the finance committee, board of trustees and administrative council. Les also teaches Sunday School classes at his church. Additionally, he acts as Chairman of the Board of Aspell Recovery Center, a non-prot alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility. He has also devoted his time to the Jackson Symphony Association, serving as president in 1983-1984 and as a board member.

 Les is a notable member of the golf community. From 1991 until 2005, he served as the chairman of the investment committee for the Tennessee section of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) of America. He remains active in Tennessee Section and has received multiple awards for his leadership and achievements within the organization. Les is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Humboldt, TN.



Dan Shanklin

Dan Shanklin, Senior Consultant

Dan began his insurance and investment career in 1970, after tours as a Military Intelligence Special Agent during the Vietnam War era.  He settled in Humboldt, TN and opened Shanklin Agency & Associates – the predecessor of today’s Sycamore Financial Advisors, Inc.  Dan recognized early on that systematic investing in mutual funds would revolutionize long term wealth accumulation for individual investors.  He began advocating systematic investing in funds in addition to risk management through term life insurance and other forms of insurance.  This enabled many of his clients to enjoy a comfortable retirement today.
Today, Dan remains a strong advocate of sound fundamental financial planning and long term investing.  He is the firm’s primary life and health insurance specialist, working to identify the most effective coverage at a competitive cost for individuals and companies needing medical and life protection.

Dan served his community for many years as a member and chairman of the Humboldt City Schools Board.  He is a very active member and leader of Humboldt’s First United Methodist Church.  He has fulfilled the role of Treasurer for the congregation for several years.  Other positions have been Chairman of Administrative Council, Finance and Stewardship.  He serves the Memphis Annual Conference of the church as a member of the Board of Pensions. At the 2013 Annual Conference, he was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Lakeshore United Methodist Assembly, Eva, TN which is the Memphis Conference’s primary site for retreats, summer camps and other functions of the church.



Rob Tucker

Robert (Rob) Tucker, CFP®
Financial Advisor

In late 1973, Rob Tucker came to a fork in the road.  He could continue his job as a roofer during the winter or return to college and try again.  That decision took on a new urgency during an ice storm.  Rob took his meager savings and enrolled at Jackson State Community College.  There, he met Professor Jim McCormick.   Professor McCormick could teach economics in a way that made sense.  After a few quarters, Rob returned to MTSU with a clearer direction and a new desire for learning.  He graduated in 1977 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and Finance major.  His dream was to be a Financial Advisor.

 That dream would have to wait since Rob accepted a manager’s position with Trans-National Travel in Jackson.  Always eager to learn, in 1980 he received the Certified Travel Consultant designation.  His firm was the first in the Jackson area to have two such designees on staff.  In 1981, his agency was invited to join the American Express Travel Service Network.  The travel business afforded Rob the opportunity to see much of the world and provided additional lessons about wealth and poverty.  The cold realities of managing and owning part of a small business delivered another education that can never be taught in a classroom.  Such lessons proved to be invaluable now when he helps business owners and the retirees make a nest egg last for life.

 In 1997, Rob left the travel industry and returned to his dream of a career in investments.  After completing the required testing, he joined American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise) in Memphis.  In 1999, he returned to Jackson and joined Raymond James Financial Services.  Both firms advocated a financial planning approach to investing.  This approach considered the fact that commission based stockbrokers are being replaced by ETrade and other do-it-yourself brokerage firms.  Rob concluded the advisor of the future would have to bring more to the table than the ability to process a trade.

 “Financial planning” should not be about cross selling products or committing the client in so many directions that he surrenders control of his money.  Financial planning recognizes that investing is not a stand alone activity.  Building wealth involves retirement planning, taxes, the client’s estate, investment and even risk management.  All of these activities are interconnected.  Any change, including the natural rise and fall of markets, create consequences that affect all five areas.  Since this is true, why not coordinate the activity for each area to reduce risk and maximize value for the client?  

 In 2005, Rob found the last piece of the career puzzle.  He joined Shanklin Capital Management (later renamed Sycamore Financial Advisors).  That same year he passed the last test and was designated a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner.  As a stockbroker, was an agent for the seller.  A Registered Investment Advisor is an agent for the investor.

 “We work for our clients.  You are our employer.  As fiduciaries, our function is to advance your interests, be prudent and to make your money grow.  Your interests are better served when we create a solution to fit you instead of trying to make you fit a packaged solution,

 The way we reach our objective is by helping you reach your objective first.  Employ our experience and resources to make your financial strategy a profitable one.  Your success becomes our success.  We are ready to do our part to help you.  This can be the day when you begin to turn wishes into goals and your goals into reality.”


 Paul Shanklin

Paul Shanklin Bio, CFP®
Financial Advisor

A native Memphian, Paul has over 27 years of investment experience in individual stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  He specializes in retirement planning and is a Certified Financial PlannerTM  professional, the highest designation available in the world of financial planning.  Creating and managing several small businesses has given him a wealth of practical knowledge to assist clients with their financial goals and plans. In his spare time, Paul is a frequent political commentator and satirist with over 20 years of broadcast experience on the Rush Limbaugh radio show.